Brentwood Community Learning Trust

A Co-Operative Trust

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The Schools Co-operative Society is a rapidly growing network of co-operative trust schools and academies in England. It is a group of schools committed to co-operative values and community engagement and in doing so demonstrate the benefits of co-operation.

 At Brentwood County High School we are focussed on ensuring that we provide an exceptional education for our students and facilitating the improvement of lives for young people in our community. We believe in the limitless potential of all who come into contact with us.

We aim to champion collaboration in our community to enhance the educational opportunities for our young people. This can be achieved, for example, by working with local employers to enhance employability skills, coordinating with local universities and colleges to widen horizons, working with our local council to improve community involvement and understanding and collaborating with other local educational organisations to improve educational opportunities.

Key aims of our Trust are to:

  • Ensure consistently high expectations throughout the school: amongst learners, teachers, parents and carers
  • Enable all learners to benefit from high quality teaching and learning;
  • Work effectively with families, professionals and the wider community to promote health and well-being, creating the right conditions for learners to thrive;
  • Make efficient use of all resources available to us and thereby maximise the benefits of learners;
  • Work with external partners to widen the range of opportunities available to our workforce and our young people;
  • Make our school improvement strategies more sustainable and further raise aspirations by more effectively engaging stakeholders, especially parents, via the Trust’s co-operative membership mechanisms;
  • Improve social cohesion within our community by strengthening our commitment to co-operative values, including respect, social justice, fairness and democracy.

The members of the Trust are:

  • Anglia Ruskin University                       (1 Trustee)
  • Brentwood County High School            (2 Trustees)
  • Brentwood Borough Council                 (1 Trustee)
  • BT                                                         (1 Trustee)
  • Chelmsford Star                                    (1 Trustee)
  • Credit Suisse                                        (1 Trustee)
  • e2v                                                        (1 Trustee)
  • Essex County Council                           (1 Trustee)
  • Trust Forum or Council                          (2 Trustees)

Brentwood County High School is a Co-operative Academy and a member of the Brentwood Community Learning Trust. The trust is based on the values of the Co-operative Movement and aims to create a long term partnership of organisations interested in supporting our work. We believe that the core reason for such a partnership is to support further school improvement.