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22.05.2013019Trying to secure employment, whether part-time, an apprenticeship or your first full-time job can be a daunting experience. Especially, as the statistics say that those between the ages of 16 – 25, are more likely to be searching for employment longer than those older than them. Providing you with the skills, knowledge and useful tips to job-hunt successfully is very important. Reading our Local Market Information (LMI) will help you find out who our big local employers are and what industries need an increased number of trained individuals in our local area.

This section of the website is designed to help you complete those dreaded application forms, enable you to have a question when the employer asks ‘do you have any questions’, and also how to write a CV and covering letter. You need to impress, from the very moment your CV or application form lands in the hands of your future boss!

There will be knock backs; however, the key is to keep going and learning from every mistake and to act upon the feedback you receive back from your interviewers. More often than not though, thanks to this website link you should hear these words, ‘I would like to offer you the position’. Then it’s up to you what to say next whether it ‘yes, when do I start’ or ‘unfortunately, I don’t feel it’s the position I’m looking for’.

Our links for useful materials can be found down the left-hand side of the screen, as well as those useful contacts. There you will find materials produced by us (BCHS), links for the National Careers Service (NCS) and, plus contacts for local support services.

Just remember, good luck and keep on living a successful future and present.

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