Student Body


IMG_1556At Brentwood County High School we firmly believe in the concept of our school as a holistic community where all parts need to be able to take an active part in shaping the future. The whole reason for the existence of our school is our young people. We are fortunate enough to be able to work with 1350 students who have chosen to make BCHS their school.

It is therefore vital that we do all that we can to engage our students in decision making and planning for our school community.

Since September 2012 we have enabled students to take part in the recruitment of two Assistant Headteachers, six Midday Assistants, two special needs teachers and eight new Teaching Assistants. This has been done by creating student interview panels who have quizzed the applicants and then produced feedback on each candidate for the headteacher to consider as part of the overall decision making process. It is excellent to be able to note that on all occasions there has been strong agreement between the findings of the student panels and those of the teachers and support staff involved in making the final decisions.

We have democratised the process for choosing our Head Boy and Girl, as well as opening up the prefect positions to applications from all students in Year 10. Our Student Council has a budget of over £5000 each year, and is able to award grants to subjects focussed on the things the students wish to focus on.

Our students are surveyed regularly as part of our faculty review process where each faculty is inspected by the Senior Leadership Team, providing feedback on the quality of teaching, the frequency of homework and marking, as well as the overall experience of students in each subject area. Students also take part in the annual survey carried out at the end of the summer term, the results of which are then reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors in order to support the setting of priorities for the coming school year.