Accelerated Reader


At Brentwood County High School students in years 7 and 8 are using a programme called Renaissance Place.  This program has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect which you can access from home with your child from any computer with an Internet connection.  Renaissance Home Connect is fun and easy to use.  It allows the teacher, you and your child to share information about their progress in Accelerated Reader.

You can log into Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection and compatible browser.  For a list of compatible browsers click here,

Click here to log into Renaissance Home Connect and then your child can log in with their username and password.

If you would like to receive emails showing your child's quiz or test results, click the email setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions.  To be sure these emails reach your inbox, add to your address book.

Click here for a brief overview of Accelerated Reader

If you want to know if any of your books at home have a quiz written for them then you can either access AR BookFinder through Home connect or click here to go to the website.

Taking a quiz

It is no longer possible for students to take a quiz at home.  Students can take quizzes in the library before school, in their form room at form time, break time, lunch time and after school. It is important that the quiz is taken within 48 hours of finishing the book.

Guide for parents

Guide for Students on how to use Accelerated Reader