Ethics and Philosophy

Contacts for further information: Mrs Louise Mason

Why study Ethics and Philosophy in the Sixth Form?

Ethics and Philosophy could be the course for you if you like to:

  • Compare and develop your own ideas with the greatest thinkers of the last 2500 years.
  • Examine different understandings of the metaphysical, like the nature of Good & Evil and what could be behind the universe.
  • Contrast the development of modern ideas in psychology and sociology with those inherited from early Christian thinkers.
  • Apply the vast array of skills you learn and understanding you develop to today’s most pressing social and ethical issues.

Over the two year course you will cover topics such as: Traditional Arguments for the Existence of God, Ancient Greek Influences on Religious Philosophy, Challenges to Religious Belief and a wide range of issues relating to ethical questions.

Where can Ethics and Philosophy take me in the future?

A qualification in Ethics and Philosophy can lead to a wide range of careers such as: Lecturer, Counsellor, Religious Leader, Teacher, YMCA Youth Worker, Charity Manager, Fundraiser, Volunteer Organiser or Trading Standards Officer

What do the students say?

“Philosophy opens your mind to the world outside of the cave”

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS year 12 will follow the OCR H573 Philosophy of Regligion; Religious Ethics and Development in Christian Thoughts

Subject specification