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Why study Psychology in the Sixth Form?

Psychology is a life science which studies the experience and unseen processes that shape behaviour. It complements many of the other subjects on offer, due to its broad and varied content, and most students will agree it is a fascinating area of study which covers five traditional core areas of Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Social Psychology and Individual Differences. Many of the students who choose Psychology also choose other scientific subjects, although students studying a choice from all areas of the A Level curriculum find this complementary to their other chosen subjects.

Where can Psychology take me in the future ?

Psychology is complementary to many career paths and degree courses such as Clinical, Health, Educational, Counselling, Forensic, and Child psychology.

Many students wishing to follow a career in a health-related, scientific, or humanistic field choose Psychology at A Level.

What do the students say ?

“ It’s a balance of maths and English because it’s a scientific study that also involves debating and evaluation; you learn a lot of skills”.

"Studying a-level psychology at BCHS was one of the best choices I ever made. It helped me discover a great passion for the subject, and has lead on to great things. The staff helped me greatly over the 2 years, making the lessons full of variety and laughs, whilst ensuring we were all achieving our full potential! My advice - if you are intrigued by the mind and why people are the way they are, study Psychology!" Abbie Eddy, currently completing a Criminology degree at the University of Hertfordshire

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the AQA Psychology course A2 2181. Click here to find out why you should study psychology

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