Government and Politics

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Why study Politics in the Sixth Form?

Politics touches everything that we do, it conditions everything around us and it forms our understanding of who we are. Politics is about people and power. It deals with the facts and issues which are crucial to the lives of us all. Politics affects almost everything from music, to shopping, from the television we watch, to the food we eat. That's why politics is so important – it is through politics that decisions are made that will shape our lives. As the Electoral Commission’s recent slogan stated: Remember, if you don't do politics, there's not much you do.   The new linear A level course for Politics began last year. We are completing the two year Politics course with Edexcel; this includes a focus on British politics, political ideas - theoretical studies into key political concepts, and a focus on American politics in the second year.

Where can Politics take me in the future?

Studying Politics means studying the real world and developing the skills to make sense of that world. Politics is not geared to any particular type of job. It will prepare you for many forms of employment or further study. You will gain analytical and practical skills, invaluable in today's competitive employment market. Politics students are recognised as flexible people who can fit into a variety of positions in modern life.

What do the students say?

"Politics is involved in everything we do - to study politics is to study life"

 "Politics is an interesting and challenging subject and will prepare me well for university"

 "I love studying Politics, it never stays the same!"

Where can I find more information?

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