IMG_1716Everyone at Brentwood County High School works hard to help your child be happy and confident, with a smooth and positive transition from primary school life into the BCHS community. Working in partnership with local schools, we aim to ensure each young person's skills; strengths and needs are supported from their first day here.

Success for your child needs a strong partnership between school and home. We therefore ask that you as parents embrace the school’s ethos, and work with the form tutor and teaching staff to effectively support your child.

Each child is allocated to one of the five houses, Athenian, Corinthian, Roman, Spartan and Trojan.  Each tutor group has a form tutor and an associate form tutor to support students.

Disability Discrimination

The school has a Disability Access Plan.  The ground floor accommodation is fully accessible in terms of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).  Most classrooms at first floor level, including specialist science and music accommodation are accessible and in the event of admission of a student with a disability, appropriate arrangements would need to be made.  All new developments within the school are designed to fulfil the requirements of the DDA.