Mathematics in Context

Who to contact for further information: Laura Payne

Why study Mathematics in Context in sixth form?

This post- 16 mathematics qualification enables students to improve their knowledge of maths and understand how to apply it to real world situations. This is a level 3 module that builds upon the work students have covered in GCSE and will support them in the other subjects they are studying in sixth form.  It will also provide them with the key mathematical and problem solving skills desired by employers and further education institutes.

We are currently one of the few centres in the country to offer this qualification and having this qualification will make you stand out amongst other students.

Where can core maths take me in future?

The qualification equips learners to apply for university, employment or higher apprenticeships or professional training in a wide range of sectors, and offers a fresh experience with adult, context-based problem solving tasks.  It will give you the mathematical skills that will take you anywhere you want to go.

What do the students say?

"I have made the choice to take mathematics in context as it will help me in the future to get the jobs I want.  Mathematics in context is also aiding me with my other A-levels, which  are economics, business studies and psychology.  These subjects all have a direct link to different aspect of maths that I will cover in the mathematics in context course."

Where can I find more information?

AQA Mathematical Studies 1350

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