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Why study History in the Sixth Form?

The course offers you the opportunity to study History in length and breadth as well as in depth, to develop expertise in a variety of skills and to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the periods studied.  It will allow you to:

  • Acquire and effectively communicate knowledge and understanding of selected periods of history.
  • Develop your interest in and enthusiasm for history.
  • Explore the significance of events, individuals, issues and societies in history.
  • Understand the nature of historical evidence and the methods used by historians in analysis and evaluation.
  • Develop your understanding of how the past has been interpreted and represented.
  • Develop your understanding of the nature of historical study; for example, that history is concerned with judgements based on available evidence and that historical judgements may be provisional.
  • Develop your understanding of historical terms and concepts.

You will study The USA 1890 to 1945 and The Impact of Stalin’s Leadership in the USSR, 1924-1941 for AS level and The Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007 and a Historical Enquiry –currently students are either investigating the Tudor period or anti-Semitism in Germany 1800-1945 for A2 level.

Where can History take me in the future?

History can provide you with a wide ranged of skills that are valued in many occupations.   People who study History work in many different jobs, here are a few: Archaeologist, Archivist, Historical researcher, Museum work, Secondary school teacher, Tour guide, Civil Service, Insurance and Risk, Intelligence work, Law, Library and Information work and Publishing.

What do the students say?

“I chose History because it is a diverse subject and it allows me to understand the way the world is today”

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the AQA History course, AS 1041 and A2 2041. Click here for further information