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Why study Geography in the Sixth Form?

If you have a lively and enquiring mind, with an interest in the environment and current affairs, this could be the course for you.   In this course you will learn about the physical and human processes that affect places and environments. You will investigate aspects of physical, human and environmental Geography, analyse them by collecting and interpreting data and communicating your findings.   During July of Year 13 with A Level Biologists we visit North Wales. This 7-day trip covers the Year 13 syllabus regarding Geographical Skills.   Over the two years you will investigate a wide range of physical and human environments and develop a range of skills that can be used in their study

Where can Geography take me in the future?

Studying Geography will also help you to gain a greater understanding, for example, of people and places, weather systems, tourism, global energy and sustainable development.

This course can help you to develop a wide range of skills that are attractive to employers, for example it can help to develop your skills in investigating, in collating and evaluating information and being able to contribute to important debates on the current issues facing our world today.

Many geography students go on to have successful and interesting careers such as urban planners, cartographers, GIS specialists, climatologists, environment managers, weather forecasters, researchers, teachers, demographers, environmental managers and/or hazardous-waste planners.

What do the students say?

“You get to learn so much about the world, why landscapes are the way they are, different struggles in many countries, but best of all you get to go to Wales and Abbotts Hall Farm”.

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the OCR Geography course, H481.      Click here for further information