Contact for further information: Katherine Daniels

Why study French in the Sixth Form?

You should consider French if you enjoy communicating with others using language and making yourself understood. You will have to undertake independent research and background reading in an area of your choice and produce written presentations, summaries and essays.  The AS course focuses on topics such as Media, Culture, Lifestyles and Families while at A2 level you will study Environment, Society, Social Issues and a Cultural topic.  You will be assessed on your ability to Listen, Read, Write and Speak the language.

Where can French take me in the future?

There are loads of reasons for you to study French – not the least being that it will often give you a higher salary.   Why not go onto the following website and find out 700 reasons for studying a language:

What do the students say?

“Being successful at another language shows good communication skills and shows employers you are willing to learn new skills and welcome a challenge”.

“I took French as AS and I would say that it is the most useful subject I took.   It has given me confidence with speaking and writing French.   It is a challenging and daunting subject at first, but I know it will open many doors for me”.

Where can I find more information?

 At BCHS we follow the AQA course 2650. for year 13 and AQA course 7652 for year 12