English Literature

Contact for further information: Mr Ross Peggs

Why study English Literature in the Sixth Form?

You should study English Literature if you:

  • Enjoy reading and have an interest in studying a wide range of literature from different genres and different centuries
  • Enjoy essay writing, expressing your opinions and justifying your comments in the context of your reading
  • Show an interest in exploring both the whims of human nature and authors’ means of representing these on paper
  • May well also be looking to study such subjects as History, Psychology, Sociology, Modern Foreign Languages, Art or Drama.

The AS course consists of the critical study of a range of literary texts, including a set poetry collection, based on one of the following options: Victorian Literature, World War One Literature or The Struggle for Identity in Modern Literature.  For A2 you will study reading for meaning  and complete an extended essay and Shakespeare study

Where can English Literature take me in the future?

English Literature – the reading and interpretation of literary texts – is not itself a subject, but rather a sort of theme park in which one gets to ride around on a lot of other disciplines: history, psychology, sociology, linguistics, and politics. This predominantly cultivates general skills rather than socially useful knowledge, and the literary graduate will most likely be a good writer, communicator, researcher, and, one dares to suggest, citizen.

What do the students say ?

“Literature is everywhere !   If you study how to read it closely you will be set for life.   These days almost everyone is literate, but not everyone can appreciate literature.”

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the AQA English Literature A course, AS 1741 and A2 2741.   Click here  for further information