English Literature

Contact for further information: Mr Anstee, Ms Williams

Why study English Literature in the Sixth Form?

You should study English Literature if you:

  • Enjoy reading and have an interest in studying a wide range of literature from different genres and different centuries
  • Enjoy essay writing, expressing your opinions and justifying your comments in the context of your reading
  • Show an interest in exploring both the whims of human nature and authors’ means of representing these on paper
  • May well also be looking to study such subjects as History, Psychology, Sociology, Modern Foreign Languages, Art or Drama.

The English Literature course covers a Shakespeare play, a modern playt, pre 1900 poetry and contemporary poetry, as well as comparing two works of prose, one pre 1900 the other post 2000.  There is also a coursework component, comparing two novels.

Where can English Literature take me in the future?

English Literature – the reading and interpretation of literary texts – is not itself a subject, but rather a sort of theme park in which one gets to ride around on a lot of other disciplines: history, psychology, sociology, linguistics, and politics. This predominantly cultivates general skills rather than socially useful knowledge, and the literary graduate will most likely be a good writer, communicator, researcher, and, one dares to suggest, citizen.

What do the students say ?

“Literature is everywhere !   If you study how to read it closely you will be set for life.   These days almost everyone is literate, but not everyone can appreciate literature.”

Where can I find more information?

At BCHS we follow the EdExcel English Literature 9ETO course.   Click here  for further information