The Expression Area of Learning combines nine subjects which enable students to express their talents in a wide range of methods. Expression combines the joy of being able to design, present, participate and compose with the rigour of the academic qualifications which are offered in the full range of subjects. The aim of the Expression Area of Learning is to offer our students that chance to explore their talents, develop new practical skills and express themselves creatively.

The seven subjects in the Expression Area of Learning are:

  • Art and Design
  • Child Development
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Music
  • PE

Expression is led by Director of Learning, Lindsey Kelly. Lindsey's background is as a PE teacher. Lindsey has led the Expressive Arts Faculty at BCHS since 2013, adding the technology subjects to her responsibilities in September 2015. Lindsey has an absolute commitment to enabling young people to combine exploring their talents in her subjects whilst ensuring that they are able to achieve the highest possible exam outcomes.

The creation of the Expression Area of Learning reflects the school aim of providing “opportunity and excellence for all.” The school recognises the significant contribution made by the arts and technology in developing well educated individuals prepared for the future. In particular the school acknowledges that the arts and technology subjects provide unique modes of expression which enriches life both within and beyond school.   

The linking of the nine subjects is logical in that each discipline provides students with the ability to express themselves in a largely non-written format. In addition the subjects uniquely enrich students’ education by developing an awareness of self through a range of experiences which are again essentially non-written. Through the area of learning system it is hoped that students will gain an understanding of how the subjects do not sit in isolation of each other but rather combine to provide the cross transference of skills, knowledge and experiences.


  1. The over-riding principle embodied in the nine subjects in Expression is that all students are given the opportunity to participate in each activity and that age, race, sex and ability are not a bar.
  2. That staff and students share the common aim of maximising student potential in a safe and caring environment in which the creative contribution of peers is respected.
  3. To explore involvement in the arts and technology beyond the school gates and make full use of present and future opportunities in the community.
  4. To use the arts and technology as another medium for the exploration of social and cultural issues.
  5. To incorporate into the arts and technology the contribution that can be made by other subjects on the curriculum.


  1. All students to participate at KS3 in the arts and technology disciplines as part of the core curriculum. At KS4 and KS5 all students are offered the opportunity to take either one or two of the arts or technology disciplines leading to external certification.
  2. Staff follow the School Code of Conduct and make full use of assessment details to inform their teaching, including an awareness of individual learning styles.
  3. To provide extension activities to challenge the most able.
  4. To provide professional training opportunities for all staff.
  5. To offer a wide range of additional curricular and extra-curricular activities including visits to arts establishments, workshops within the community, working with artists in residence, giving public performances, and working with peers from our arts partner school.
  6. Membership of the Brentwood Youth Arts Partnership exploring ways of involving young people in the local arts.
  7. To ensure that schemes of work identify opportunities to explore the nature of our multi-cultural society.
  8. To establish, where appropriate, cross curricular links.