22.05.2013078The Science Area of Learning includes all aspects of the teaching of science at BCHS, including psychology. Science is about the investigation of the realities of how the world works. It allows students to develop the skills of investigation, analysis, reporting and explanation. Psychology links closely with the study of the wider sciences as it involves the same methods in order to explain the workings of human beings.

The Science Area of Learning is led by Director of Learning Sarah Robinson. Sarah has an unshakeable passion that all young people have the right to understand how their world works, and to be ready to move into the world of work equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

‘Science is relevant every time you…  open your eyes in the morning , the light in the room enters your eyes and is registered by your brain which sends signals to your muscles to contract as you haul yourself out of bed.  The muscles pull on the levers in your legs as you walk to the kitchen to make breakfast and you enter the dark room you switch on the light to transfer electrical energy to light energy.  You take some bread out of the fridge which is light and fluffy due to the carbon dioxide produced by yeast, spread on some margarine which has been produced by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, and then sit down to eat it.  Your teeth chew the bread into small pieces and you add saliva containing the enzyme amylase to start the digestion process.  The food then travels down your oesophagus to your stomach due to a wave of muscular contraction called peristalsis.  After a shower, using shampoo and shower gel developed and manufactured by chemists, it’s time to get dressed in clothes made from a range of natural and manufactured materials. Then you can use a turning force to open and close the front door and you’re off to school.  And all this before you even get to school!’ 

Science is everywhere and plays a role in everything we do.  A sound knowledge of science can enhance an individual’s ability to make decisions essential for healthy living and to participate constructively in society.  In terms of careers, there are a wide and varied range of careers that use science directly and I cannot think of a single one that does not use science indirectly.

Whilst at Brentwood County High School all students will study science throughout key stage 3 and 4 and many will also choose to continue to study science subjects to A level.  As a Faculty our key objectives are to provide our students with the opportunity to explore the amazing world around them and to develop enquiring minds.  We endeavour to show our students how Science is relevant in their everyday lives as well as to their academic success, and for many students also for their future careers.

The science faculty consists of a dedicated team of twenty teachers (including twoPsychology teachers) and three technicians.  We teach Science in biology, chemistry and physics topics at key stage three with a high emphasis on investigative work throughout.

At key stage 4 we currently have two options available: -

  • Triple Science: three separate GCSEs Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Combined Science: two separate GCSEs combining the three subjects

Students also have the opportunity to chose Psychology as one of their options at the end of year 8 and can study Psychology as one of their GCSE subjects in years 9, 10 and 11. 

At key stage 5 A level choices for our students include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. We also offer a Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science.